All products offered for sale on this web site and through the mail order form are sold as, and described as, completely INERT. It is the users responsibility to monitor the effective use of the inert rounds. These inert rounds must be kept separate from “live” rounds, and the introduction of these inert rounds in a teaching and or coaching capacity, must be closely monitored. This must be done so there can be no confusion as to the safe use of inert cartridges. These training rounds and key chain decorations are not advertised, described or sold as live ammunition. It is impossible to construct live ammunition by using the actual shipped or purchased components contained in any of the products sold by “Dummy” Bullet. Live primers and powders cannot be added to any inert item sold by “dummy” Bullet and produce a live round. These inert rounds are not restricted by the USPS. I know of no laws that would restrict the sale of the items contained on this web site and mail order form to any person who resides in the United States. “Dummy” Bullet does not claim to know of any restriction, nor does “Dummy” Bullet know of the permissible status granted by any foreign agency about the possession of inert ammunition by any individual or address.

Lead Warning:  All items sold by “Dummy” Bullet have been manufactured on equipment that has been exposed to lead. “Dummy” Bullet advises all individuals that may handle any of these inert cartridges to wash hands thoroughly before eating, smoking or handling food items

Disclaimer and Warnings:

Please note:

WARNING for instructors who follow the NRA’s guidelines on firearms course presentation.

Any inert cartridge which will be in the hands of students or on display within the confines of the teaching environment, must be modified so as to be instantly recognizable as inert training rounds from any distance within the confines of the teaching environment. Modification could include painting the projectile a bright color with nail polish or spray paint.

All instructors following other teaching guidelines and individual non- instructor users of these inert training aids need to be absolutely vigilant in regard to monitoring the safe and correct use of these teaching aids. At no time can these inert cartridges be integrated into any teaching situation where the instructor does not have 100% control or supervision of the use of these inert teaching aids. At no time can these inert teaching aids be mixed with, share space with, or be integrated into, any exercise using live rounds. Prior to using these inert teaching aids the teaching environment needs to be confirmed free of any live ammunition, and the teaching aids confirmed as inert by any instructor who intends to use them prior to and during instruction. Immediately after using these inert teaching aids a thorough and complete inventory must be taken to ensure that all inert teaching aids are accounted for, intact, and secure.

Never be complacent regarding any training aid used in a firearm course.

NEVER drink alcohol or take any medication that could impair your judgment when handling a firearm or ammunition, whether INERT or fully functioning.


Any use of these inert cartridges for instruction, demonstration, exhibition, or evaluation must adhere to the fundamentals of firearm safety.

1: ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.

2: ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot

3: ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.

If you are unsure of how to properly use, display, or make presentations with an inert cartridge and or firearm, then you must never attempt to do so.

It is the full responsibility of the user of these inert cartridges to always use in a safe manner that in no way threatens or injures or causes damage to any person, living creature or materials or property. If you as the user of or presenter with these inert cartridges feels at any time that the inert status of any materials used in any capacity cannot be 100% verified, then it is the users of or presenter with's responsibility to IMMEDIATELY stop any exercise, demonstration or exhibition containing any item sold by or provided by or any of its agents or representatives. provides these warnings as a reminder to ALWAYS practice safe gun handling practices., its agents or representatives are not to be held liable for any damage to any person, living creature, material or property as a result of any use of, any product or service provided by, or sold by, any of it’s agents owners or representatives. The safe use of and disposal of any product sold by or provided by is the sole responsibility of the purchaser or receiver or presenter with no liability assigned to, its agents, owner or representatives.

“When you are 100% sure a firearm is UNLOADED..RELAX...   now you’re free to simply treat it like a LOADED weapon.”


When any object enters the chamber of a firearm (live round, inert cartridge, cleaning product or tool, snap cap etc), it is extremely important that the object be thoroughly examined when removed from the chamber of the firearm. This is to ensure that the object is fully intact, complete, and/or accounted for (or in the condition you had expected - an empty cartridge case after firing, for example) . Any item inadvertently left in a chamber can act as a projectile when a subsequent ‘live’ round is fired.


The cartridges sold on this website are not to be used as an alternative to precisely manufactured “head space”  gauges or devices. These gauges and devices are made with a much higher level of precision than standard “live” or INERT cartridges. Installing a barrel and reaming a chamber using “live” or INERT cartridges as a gauge may leave the firearm in the dangerous condition of having either too little or too great “head space.”  My inert cartridges are great for a lot of uses but not for the actual building of a firearm.

Firearm safety does not include the words “I THOUGHT”!!

Dummy Ammunition, firearm instructor supplies, and cartridge display bullets made from real cartridge components.

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