These inert “Dummy” rounds are made to SAAMI ( Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute) standards. Each cartridge is made from either a brand new cartridge case or a case that has been fully resized so that it will properly chamber in all firearms of that particular caliber.

The primer pocket is removed entirely, and a hole is drilled in the case wall, so that the inert status of the round can be quickly and unmistakably verified. Please see below.

A heavy crimp has been applied to the cartridges ensuring that they will not pull apart during function testing.

All cartridges are brass cased (unless otherwise noted) and quality bullets are used.

The goal is to make a safe round, easily identifiable, that tests the function of firearms in a realistic manner.  

We have found that many individuals with a minimal amount of firearm experience believe the entire cartridge (bullet and case) exits the barrel when fired.  An all orange plastic “bullet” commonly sold for some firearm training exercises, just reinforces this misperception.

“Dummy” bullets made from real components are a great teaching aid (used safely  and properly), as well as a great way to evaluate a firearm’s function.

These “Dummies” are a smart choice! Dummy bullets from are great for many applications:

Looking at the diagram of a pistol cartridge you can get a better sense of what the components are that make up a “Bullet”. You have the BULLET (or projectile) the CARTRIDGE CASE, the POWDER CHARGE, and the PRIMER.

Every dummy ‘bullet’  from is made without a POWDER CHARGE

In addition the PRIMER and FLASH HOLE is completely removed from every cartridge.

A hole is also drilled into the cartridge case wall to quickly identify it status as an INERT round.

The cartridges sold by are completely safe and could NEVER function as a live round. They are as safe to handle as any comparatively sized object. You can drop them, heat them, string them like beads, hammer them. They are completely safe.

* The hole drilled in the cartridge case wall can be omitted if the cartridge    will be used solely as a display round. Please note that the primer pocket    will always be removed. Please contact me for additional information.

These are photos of the base of two separate cartridges. The case on the left shows the “Primer Pocket” of a cartridge with the primer removed. You can clearly see the FLASH HOLE recessed into the case. The cartridge on the right shows how dummy rounds are made by completely drilling out the PRIMER POCKET. A new ‘LIVE’ primer could not be made to function in this case. Not only does this make the cartridge COMPLETELY INERT, but it also helps to quickly identify the cartridge as INERT.  

Who can benefit from INERT cartridges?

Firearm Instructors: Great in the hands of firearm instructors who                             wish to demonstrate the functioning of a                             firearms with realistic but completely safe props.

Firearm Coaches:    These dummy rounds are the safe and realistic                             way to teach the operation of firearms and                             magazine function.

Family Preparedness:   Every family member authorized to handle                                 a firearm in an emergency should be VERY                                 familiar with it’s loading / reloading process                                 as well as the procedure for clearing a                                 possible malfunction. This should be                                 something that every firearm owner should                                 be able to do in the dark and under stress.

Teaching the next generation:   Some rifles, particularly military                                             service rifles, require a bit more                                             practice and instruction for the                                             younger shooters. Loading and En                                             bloc clip into an M1 Garand, or                                             working the bolt release on an                                             AR15 or M1A takes some repetition                                             to learn (and remember) and a                                             realistic feeling and performing                                             inert training round is the SAFE                                             and EFFECTIVE way to instruct                                             your children and grandchildren.

Reenactors:                             A magazine or clip full of ORANGE or clear plastic                                              training rounds? A bit more realistic looking with                                              these inert cartridges.

Costumes and display:               They look real but are completely safe.                                     inert training rounds                                              are a “Smart Choice”

Please note:

WARNING for instructors who follow the NRA’s instructor guidelines on firearms course presentation. Any inert cartridge which will be in the hands of students or on display within the confines of the teaching environment, must be modified so as to be instantly recognizable as inert training rounds from any distance within the confines of the teaching environment. Modification could include painting the projectile a bright color with nail polish or spray paint. All instructors following other teaching guidelines need to be particularly vigilant in regard to monitoring the safe and correct use of these teaching aids. At no time can these inert cartridges be integrated into any teaching situation where the instructor does not have 100% control or supervision of the use of these inert teaching aids. At no time can these inert teaching aids be mixed with, share space with, or be integrated into, any exercise using live rounds. Prior to using these inert teaching aids the teaching environment needs to be confirmed free of any live ammunition, and the teaching aids confirmed as inert by any instructor who intends to use them prior to and during instruction.

Never be complacent regarding any training aid used in a firearm course.

Please read the DISCLAIMER page for more safety information.

What about Dry Firing?

Without a doubt, the most frequently asked question I get on is about dry firing. Is it safe? Will it damage my pistol or rifle? No – but. The manufacturers of most every modern firearm say that dry firing will not hurt firearms internal parts. Mainly the firing pin, and the firing pin spring, if so equipped. This is not true of rim fire firearms. It is not recommended to dry fire a rim fire weapon because the firing pin can actually strike the corner of the chamber wall. This can cause damage to the firing pin and the chamber. In a center fire weapon the most common firing pin systems are either free floating (the firing pin is struck by a hammer and in many cases does not involve a spring), is fixed to the hammer (some revolvers have the firing pin attached to the face of the hammer with a pin) or striker fired (the firing pin is driven forward by a spring and not actually hit by a hammer).

The reason why some feel that it is a bad idea to dry fire a gun is that the firing pin can over travel if it is not stopped by something – mainly the primer. This over travel is thought to cause stress on the firing pin and spring. And this was particularly true with older firing arms when metallurgy was not what it is today, but the firing pin on older firearms had a life cycle and would have worn out eventually anyway, whether it was striking a live primer or not. Modern firing pins have a life cycle as well, but it is much, much longer. Firing pins can withstand thousands of cycles before they wear out or break. Military weapons have firing pins that are made to withstand the thousands and thousands of dry fires that recruits put them through. A modern firing pin does not need a cushioned or “soft” landing. It will eventually wear to the point that it needs to be replaced if put to enough use. Live fire or dry fire.

Nobody can say that dry firing will definitely harm your gun. Likewise, nobody can say that, without question, dry firing is completely safe to any firearm. My advice, when asked, is always the same. If it is an older firearm where parts may be difficult or impossible to find, do not dry fire it. Actually I wouldn’t fire it all!  If it is a modern firearm and you want to learn or practice shooting fundamentals with a conservative amount of dry fires, go ahead, and use an empty chamber or a dummy round. If you are planning on making a career out of dry firing, buy a set of ‘snap-caps’ and feel better with the thought that your firing pin is receiving a spring loaded landing.

We have firearms in our classes that have had nothing done to them except dry firing for going on 2 years now. Hundreds, if not nearing a thousand, dry fires on an empty chamber have yet to wear out or break a firing pin.

The “dummy” rounds sold by are great for function testing, cycling, magazine changes and loading, competitive shooting drills, stoppage drills, and just plain weapons familiarity. I would not go onto say, however, that they are a replacement for ‘snap-caps’. Both have their place. ‘Snap-Caps’ can’t do what INERT real component rounds can do, mainly accurately duplicate the weight, size, and realistic profile of a cartridge.  And real component INERT rounds cannot provide the level of mental ‘comfort’ that ‘snap-Caps’ can when you simply want to dry fire your weapon.  

Remember! No matter what you use. Snap-Caps, Dummy Rounds or an Empty Chamber, when you are practicing dry firing, NEVER point the gun at anything you would not want to shoot. ALWAYS remember the fundamentals of firearm safety and do not become complacent with the direction a firearm is pointed!!!  Firearm safety does not include the words “I THOUGHT” !!!

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Sorry, I can not ship any item outside the United States “When you are 100% sure a firearm is UNLOADED, RELAX...    now you’re free to simply treat it like a LOADED weapon.”

Firearm safety does not include the words “I THOUGHT”!!

Dummy Ammunition, firearm instructor supplies, and cartridge display bullets made from real cartridge components.

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