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Over 175,000 INERT cartridges sold!

Great for: function testing a firearm -loading & unloading practice - magazine

 drills - family preparedness - competitive training - display - film props -

 costumes - reenactors - museums

bullet display

Up to 89 different cartridges in a set!


“I bought a gun that I felt  I needed some dummy ammo to learn the ins and outs.  SnapCaps and others, besides being expensive would not give me the loading / weight / durability  needed and  thus  not a realistic training experience.

I just BY CHANCE ran across and then saw many testaments to his (Bruce) work.

The price is right and actually I just took a chance and  bought a set for every gun I own.  I received my shipment and I can tell you it’s exactly what I expected. If you want to safely train yourself, wife, kids etc  without live ammo this  is great stuff.

Please consider it if you need it  and pass one to anyone who has firearms.    Visit”

Cheers, Marc

Dummy Ammunition, firearm instructor supplies, and cartridge display bullets made from real cartridge components.

Cartridge Assortments
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