Dummy Ammunition, firearm instructor supplies, and cartridge display bullets made from real cartridge components.

Cartridge Assortments
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Privacy Policy

DUMMYBULLET.COM does not collect or store any information on any visitor to the website. Dummybullet.com does not subscribe to any website analytic tracking provider. No tracking cookies are used on the website.

I do not share any info with anybody because a: I do not keep any and b: I wouldn’t share it with anybody if I did. I don’t like having my info sold to anybody and I wouldn’t do it to my visitors.


If you order online and checkout with PAYPAL, I never see your payment information. I get your order summary, your name, and where to ship the order. I do keep the order detail summary and a copy of the shipping and tracking label in case there is a problem or inquiries about tracking numbers and delivery status.

PAYPAL has it’s own Privacy Policy and probably stores information about it’s users but I never see that information.


If you use the mail order option to order I keep your order form long enough to complete your order and mail you your order. If you pay with a check I do not keep any facsimile of your check info. If you use your credit card to order by mail, your entire order form is shredded when your shipping label is created.


If you order with a credit card over the phone I will keep your credit card info long enough to run your credit card then the number is shredded.  I never keep copies of anyone’s credit card info. Period.

I have a simple hit counter in the lower left hand of the home page. This just lets me see when the website is most active ( so that I do not upload updates to the website during those times )

I am pretty ‘low tech’ when it comes to the functionality of the website. No fancy bells and whistles, blogs and forums, tracking cookies, times on the site and abandoned shopping cart tracking. I just try to have a easy to navigate and informative site.